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Mountain Peoples Wine Distributing is proud to bring you a unique and altruistic line of organic wines.

Monde eau Wines has been established to support humanitarian efforts that supply safe drinking water across
the developing world. Even in today’s age, water is a natural resource that many in the Western World take for granted.
A sustainable clean water supply is the building block of any community, and many communities in the
developing world still do not have the resources to meet this basic need.
Monde eau Wines will donate all of its profits from the sale of its wines to charity: water (www.charitywater.org).
This non-profit organization is devoted to bringing clean drinking water to people with the greatest need.
Last year, Monde eau Wines donated $10,000 to charity: water. This contribution went directly to fund a water
filtration project for an elementary school in Nepal. This year, they are looking to double their impact.
Mountain Peoples Wine Distributing will be offering 4 Monde eau Wines in California for the first time at $78.00
per case. We hope that you will be able to work with us to ensure the movement of these wines with a cause by
offering them at a retail price of $9.99. Mountain Peoples Wine Distributing will be donating an additional
$6.00 per case sold to Monde eau Wines to match their contribution.
100% of all money raised will go directly to charity: water to fund water projects.
We have excellent POS to assist in sales and the promotion of the wines. We would appreciate your
partnership in our efforts to continue the work of Monde eau Wines.
Monde Eau Riesling 2012
Monde Eau Chardonnay 2012
Monde Eau Syrah 2011
Monde Eau Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
Check out stacks and signage at Organic Roots in Temecula:



The 2013 California State Fair Wine Competition Winners have been announced!

The full list can be seen here: http://www.bigfun.org/wine/
And the winners are:
Chacewater Rosé  – Best of Class of Region, Gold, 94 Points!
Chacewater Petite Sirah  – Best of Class of Region, Gold, 94 Points!
Chacewater Merlot  – Silver, 91 points
Chacewater Sauvignon Blanc  – Silver, 91 points
Chacewater Malbec – Best of Class of Region, Silver, 89 points
Chacewater Cabernet Sauvignon – Silver, 88 points
Chacewater Syrah – Bronze
Chacewater Zinfandel – Bronze
Frey Syrah – Bronze, 87 points
Frey Winery’s Pacific Redwood Merlot - Silver, 88 points
Girasole Pinot Noir – Silver, 88 points
Girasole Hybrid Red – Bronze, 87 points


2013 Los Angeles International Wine Competition Winners Announced!

We have several wines that were awarded medals in the recent 2013 Los Angeles International Wine Competition!

·         CalNaturale Chardonnay  – Silver

·         Chacewater Petite Sirah  – Best of Class, Gold, 94 Points!

·         Chacewater Sauvignon Blanc  – Best of Class, Gold, 93 Points!

·         Chacewater Zinfandel  – Silver

·         Chacewater Syrah  – Silver

·         Chacewater Cabernet Sauvignon – Silver

·         Chacewater Orange Muscat (new item!) – Silver

·         Chacewater Merlot – Silver

·         Chacewater Rose – Silver

·         Chacewater Chardonnay – Silver

·         Frey Biodynamic Field Blend – Bronze

·         Frey Syrah – Bronze

·         Lagarde Bordeaux White – Best of Class, Gold, 93 Points!

·         Lagarde NSA Bordeaux Rouge (Le Petit – new item!) – Gold, 91 points!

·         Lagarde Bordeaux Rouge – Bronze

For complete list of winning wines: http://www.lawinecomp.com/wos/wine_competition/AwardsCelebration/winners.asp



2013 Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition Winners Announced!

We have three vendors who were awarded medals in the recent 2013 Sunset International Wine Competition - Frey Vineyards, Terra Savia and Natural Merchants!

·         Frey Petite Sirah – Bronze

·         Frey Pinot Noir – Bronze

·         Frey Syrah – Bronze

·         Terra Savia Chardonnay – Bronze

·         Terra Savia Meritage – Bronze

·         Terra Savia Brut Rouge – Bronze

·         Biokult Gruner Veltliner – Bronze

·         Lagarde Bordeaux AOC Rouge – Bronze

·         Cantina Pizzolato Moscato – Silver!

For complete list of winning wines:






We are honored to announce that Chacewater winery was named 2012 Golden Winery of the Year at the recently completed California State Fair Wine Competition. Chacewater wines scored well across all categories including:

This year, 2,890 wine entries were received from 688 participating wineries. Seventy-two judges on 18 panels awarded 2,156 medals, including 74 Double Gold, 268 Gold, 1,195 Silver and 734 Bronze.

Awards will be presented during California’s Grape & Gourmet, the state’s premier wine and food event, which returns to Cal Expo on Aug. 18. The results of the wine competition will appear in “California Wine” magazine, a publication of the California State Fair. “California Wine” will be available at Grape & Gourmet and Save Mart Supermarkets. For Grape & Gourmet tickets and information, go to www.bigfun.org



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Look for the Butterfly! We are proud to distribute the first Non-GMO Verified wines in California.

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