Behind every palate-pleasing review and oenophile-oriented article lies our dream team of wine writers.

As specialists across various sectors of the wine industry, they're uniquely positioned to geek out on the good grape in ways the everyday wine drinker can actually understand. Let's raise a toast and get to know the people whose job it is to take your enjoyment of wine to the next level.

Our Editor-in-Chief has over a decade of experience in the cellar, crafting his own label of reds in California’s esteemed Napa Valley. Not only can he teach you the difference between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, he knows better than most the blood, sweat and tears that go into every bottle.

As a Master Sommelier, our Head Reviewer could pass the intensive Sommelier exam blindfolded, but shares her secrets to uncorking a wine’s hidden flavors in a way that’s never pretentious or intimidating. From pairing tips to helping you look like a lounge lizard for saying “Shiraz” right, she makes oenophiles of us all.

Rounding out our staff of experts are well-traveled writers like our Features Editor, who has sampled wines in cellars from Chile to China and shares off-the-beaten-path finds. And our Social Media Manager, who used to work the floor at a natural wine shop and can point you towards the most interesting little guys doing big things in the world of biodynamic and skin-fermented wines.

So whether learning from our serious sommeliers or more relaxed reviews from wine fanatics, consider MP Wine Reviews your new best friend for all things related to grapes. We promise endless education disguised as good times—now that’s the sign of true experts in this job of drinking!

wine drinking essentials

Store It Right

Keep wine at a consistent, cool temperature away from direct sunlight or vibrations. Ideal conditions are between 50-60°F with 60% humidity. Proper storing ensures the wine develops naturally as intended.

Chill Smart

Although reds may be served at room temp, correct chilling keeps other varieties at their best. Too cold and flavors dull; too warm and aromas suffer. Follow guidelines or aim for just below room temp.

Savor Properly

Gently swirl wine in your glass to release aromas, then take small sips letting the wine coat your whole mouth. This allows for full sensory evaluation of appearance, smell and taste. There's no need to gulp!

Trust Your Palate

Don't get hung up on rules or reviews. Develop your own opinions by learning about different styles. Enjoy what you enjoy - after all, the goal is appreciating this most social and convivial of drinks! Drink with an open and curious mind.