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10 Best Wines to Pair with Pizza: Slice and Sip

Whether it’s a greasy ​New York pepperoni slice or ⁤a thin crust Margherita straight from Naples, pizza​ has⁣ become a universal delight that knows no boundaries. But what if‌ we told ‍you that there’s a⁢ way to take your ⁣pizza experience to a whole new level? Introducing the ultimate culinary union: wine and pizza. We’ve carefully⁣ curated ​a list of the 10 ‌best wines​ to ‌pair with your cheesy creations, elevating the flavors ⁢and bringing out ‍the best in every bite. ⁣Time to ditch the soda and grab ‌a glass – it’s time to ⁣uncover ⁢the perfect slice and sip combination that ⁢will make⁣ your ‍taste buds sing.

1.‌ Chianti Classico: A Perfect Italian Classic⁢ for Pizza Nights

When it​ comes to ⁤the perfect ‌wine ⁢pairing⁤ for​ pizza nights, Chianti Classico is undoubtedly a top choice. ‍This ‍Italian classic hailing from the picturesque ‌region ‌of Tuscany is⁢ revered for ⁢its exceptional quality and vibrant flavors. ⁢With its⁣ rich history dating back centuries, Chianti Classico embodies ​the essence⁢ of Italian​ winemaking, making it an ideal companion ‍to ⁣your ‍favorite⁤ cheesy, ⁣saucy ‌slices.

So, what sets Chianti Classico apart from ​other wines? ​First and foremost, its‌ composition ‌is primarily made up ‌of Sangiovese grapes, which ⁣lend a distinctive character to the⁤ wine.⁢ Expect a medium ⁢to‌ full-bodied​ red with moderate acidity and well-balanced tannins. The terroir of‍ the Chianti region imparts additional complexity, showcasing flavors of juicy⁤ cherries, plums,‌ and a hint of​ spice. Its​ versatility⁢ shines through, making it an​ excellent match for a⁣ wide ‍variety ​of ‍pizza toppings, whether you prefer classic Margherita ⁤or⁤ adventurous ⁢combinations.

  • Chianti ⁤Classico’s vibrant acidity cuts through the richness of cheese and ⁢fatty meats, cleansing the palate with each ⁣sip.
  • The wine’s​ moderate‌ tannins provide structure ⁣ and counterbalance the ⁤savory elements,‍ ensuring a ​harmonious pairing.
  • With its⁣ ripe fruit flavors ⁣and subtle earthiness, Chianti Classico elevates the taste of tomato-based sauces, enhancing the overall‌ pizza ⁣experience.

So, next time you’re hosting a ⁣pizza⁤ night, reach for a bottle of Chianti Classico ⁤to take your dining experience to the next level. Its perfect harmony of flavors ⁢will leave you and⁤ your guests craving ⁤for more. Buon appetito!

2. Barbera ‌d’Asti: ⁢A Bold and Fruity Wine⁢ to Elevate Your Pizza ‍Experience

Barbera d’Asti is an Italian wine that​ perfectly complements the rich ⁢flavors of​ your favorite pizza. With its bold and fruity profile, this red wine adds a touch of elegance and enhances⁢ the overall dining experience.‍

Known ⁣for ‌its vibrant⁢ acidity and ‌deep⁣ ruby ⁣color,‌ Barbera‌ d’Asti is made from⁤ the‌ Barbera grape ‌variety, which is native​ to ‌the Piedmont region of Italy. It offers a smooth texture with velvety tannins and⁤ a refreshing finish. Its flavor profile encompasses‌ notes of dark cherries, plums,⁤ and raspberries, accompanied by a hint⁣ of spice and earthiness.

  • Pair Barbera d’Asti​ with classic margherita pizza for a delightful combination of flavors. ⁣The wine’s acidity cuts ⁣through ⁣the​ richness of the cheese,‌ while its ‌fruity undertones complement ⁢the tanginess of the ⁤tomato sauce.
  • For a more adventurous palate, ⁢try ⁣pairing this ⁤wine with a ​pizza topped ‍with spicy Italian sausage, bell peppers,⁢ and mushrooms. The boldness of⁤ Barbera d’Asti ⁣stands up to the ⁤robust flavors, striking a⁢ perfect harmony.
  • Barbera d’Asti’s ⁤versatility extends beyond traditional⁢ pizza toppings. From pepperoni to prosciutto, ‌from onions‌ to olives, this wine complements ‍a wide range of flavor‍ profiles. Experiment and discover your own delectable combinations!

Whether you’re enjoying a ⁣cozy night‌ in⁣ or hosting a pizza party, Barbera⁢ d’Asti ⁢adds⁣ a ​touch of ​sophistication and ⁤elevates⁤ the overall⁣ pizza experience. ​Its versatility, boldness, ⁤and fruity​ character ​make it ⁢a go-to choice for pizza lovers and wine ‌enthusiasts alike. So, next time you indulge in a slice of⁢ pizza, don’t ⁢forget to uncork a bottle of this‍ Italian ⁣gem.

3. Sangiovese: The Quintessential Pairing for ⁣Traditional ​Neapolitan⁣ Pizzas

When it comes ⁢to ​complementing the ⁤delectable flavors of traditional⁣ Neapolitan pizzas, Sangiovese emerges as the ultimate choice. This Italian⁢ red wine varietal, hailed for its versatility, strikes a harmonious balance with⁤ the authentic ingredients used in these⁤ classic ⁢pies. Whether you’re enjoying‌ a​ Margherita, Marinara,⁢ or Napoletana pizza,​ Sangiovese effortlessly​ enhances the culinary experience.

Sangiovese’s inherent ‌acidity and⁤ medium⁤ body make⁤ it an exceptional​ companion for Neapolitan pizzas. The vibrant acidity of‍ this ‌wine ⁢beautifully cuts through the richness of the melted Mozzarella‌ di Bufala, while its medium ⁢body holds up ⁤well⁣ against the distinct flavors of San Marzano tomatoes and fresh basil. The ⁤subtle earthy undertones in ⁢Sangiovese create a seamless integration with the characteristic smokiness of ⁢wood-fired⁤ crust, elevating each bite to new heights⁢ of enjoyment.⁣

Pairing Sangiovese with traditional‌ Neapolitan pizzas isn’t limited to the type of cheese and crust used. It⁢ extends to the diversity of toppings⁣ as well.⁣ Whether ⁣you prefer⁣ the ‌simplicity​ of a Margherita ⁢or opt for⁣ a more adventurous Diavola‍ with⁤ spicy salami, ‌Sangiovese’s versatility​ enables it to complement a⁤ variety of flavor profiles. The wine’s ⁢red fruit notes, ⁣such as cherry, raspberry,⁤ and plum, add a delightful contrast to⁣ the ‌savory ⁤elements on the pizza, creating a balanced and exhilarating taste experience. ‍Next ⁣time you indulge in a piping hot Neapolitan​ pizza,​ make sure ​to keep ‍a​ bottle of Sangiovese close by for an unmatched culinary journey.

4.‌ Nebbiolo:⁢ A Refined and Elegant Wine to⁢ Complement Savory Pizzas

Nebbiolo is a grape varietal that is widely recognized as⁢ one of the finest⁣ red wines produced ⁣in Italy. Its elegant and refined characteristics make it an ⁤excellent⁤ choice to accompany ‌savory‍ pizzas. With its‌ high acidity ‍and​ tannic structure, Nebbiolo beautifully ​cuts ⁤through the rich ⁢flavors of‍ a pizza, bringing‌ balance ⁤and complexity⁤ to every ‌bite.

One ‍of the key​ features of Nebbiolo is its ability to age gracefully. ‌This wine is known for ⁣its longevity, ‌often improving in ⁤flavor ‍and developing‍ unique ⁣aromas⁤ over‌ time. ‌When⁢ paired with pizzas topped⁣ with ‌robust ingredients such as cured meats, mushrooms, ‌or aged cheeses, the ‌subtle ‌nuances and layers of flavors⁤ in Nebbiolo ⁣truly‌ shine.‍ Not ‍to mention, its medium to full-bodied nature and ⁣prominent‍ fruit flavors of cherry, plum,⁤ and raspberry add a delightful contrast ‍to the‌ savory,⁣ umami elements of‌ the pizza.

  • Its high acidity enhances the‌ flavors of rich, ⁢tomato-based pizza sauces.
  • The complex tannins in Nebbiolo complement ‌the charred, smoky notes ⁢of ⁣wood-fired pizza ⁣crusts.
  • The wine’s floral and⁢ earthy ⁤aromas ​provide a‌ delightful‍ olfactory experience when paired with aromatic⁢ toppings like⁣ truffle oil ​or ‍fresh herbs.

So, next time you reach‍ for a slice of your favorite savory pizza, consider ‌elevating your dining ⁣experience by uncorking ⁣a bottle of Nebbiolo.⁣ Whether you prefer a ‍traditional ​style like Barolo or Barbaresco,⁢ or you’re intrigued by ⁣the more approachable expressions from‌ regions like Langhe or ⁢Roero, you’ll find‌ that⁣ Nebbiolo’s refined and​ elegant qualities are the perfect ‌match for this beloved Italian dish.

5. Primitivo:‍ A ​Robust and Jammy Wine​ for⁤ Hearty Pizzas

5. Primitivo: A ⁣Robust and Jammy ⁣Wine for Hearty Pizzas

Primitivo, ‌with its ⁤robust ⁤and jammy character, is ⁢an ⁣exceptional choice when ⁢it comes to pairing wine with hearty‌ pizzas. This lesser-known grape variety has its roots in‍ southern Italy, particularly in Puglia, where it thrives in​ the warm Mediterranean climate. Its deep purple⁣ hue ‍is‌ a reflection of the intense flavors and ⁢aromas it offers.

What sets‌ Primitivo apart is​ its⁤ rich, ripe fruitiness. ‌The wine exudes a bouquet of blackberries, plums, and cherries, with hints of spice and​ a touch of ⁤sweetness. These luscious flavors beautifully‍ complement​ the bold, savory flavors typically found in hearty pizzas. The high‍ tannin content of Primitivo⁢ gives it⁤ a sturdy backbone, allowing it to⁢ stand up to the robust and​ often indulgent toppings, like spicy ⁣pepperoni or tangy barbecue‌ chicken.

  • Pair‍ Primitivo with‍ a​ classic pepperoni⁣ pizza for​ a match made in heaven.​ The⁤ wine’s jammy⁢ fruitiness perfectly balances the ⁤spiciness of⁣ the pepperoni, ​creating a delightful harmony ⁢of flavors.
  • For those who prefer ‌vegetarian options, try Primitivo with a pizza⁢ loaded ‌with⁣ roasted ⁤vegetables.⁣ The wine’s bold⁢ character ⁢and⁣ hint of‍ sweetness enhance the⁣ smoky⁣ and earthy notes ‌of the veggies, creating a ​satisfying ⁣combination.
  • When it⁤ comes to ​gourmet pizzas topped with ​rich, creamy cheeses like gorgonzola or goat cheese, ⁤Primitivo ​is an ideal choice. Its tannins cut⁢ through the ⁢richness of‌ the‍ cheese, ⁣cleansing the palate and leaving you ready‍ for the ​next delectable bite.

For pizza enthusiasts seeking a wine that can hold its own against the heartiness of‍ their favorite slices, Primitivo is an outstanding ‌option. Its ‍robust and ⁢jammy nature, coupled with ⁢its ability to complement a variety of toppings, makes⁣ it a true standout among wine ‌connoisseurs. So ‍next time you’re indulging in ⁤a‌ hearty pizza‌ feast, be sure to uncork⁤ a bottle of Primitivo⁣ for an unforgettable ​gastronomic experience.

6. Malbec: Alluring Argentine Red Perfect for Meaty⁣ and Spicy ​Pizzas

6.⁣ Malbec: ​Alluring Argentine⁣ Red Perfect for ‌Meaty‌ and Spicy ⁣Pizzas

Malbec ⁤is⁣ an exquisite Argentine red wine ‍that‌ pairs exceptionally well⁣ with meaty and spicy ⁤pizzas. This varietal ⁤has gained⁣ immense popularity in recent years due to its bold​ and alluring character. Its deep purple color with hints of ⁢ruby gives a visual clue to its complex​ flavors and ‌aromas.

When it comes ‌to meaty pizzas, a glass ⁣of Malbec is the perfect accompaniment. The rich and ‌robust nature ⁢of this ⁤wine complements the savory flavors of grilled ⁣steak, pepperoni, and sausage toppings. The ‍tannins in the‌ wine‌ help⁤ to cut through the richness ⁢of the meat ​and ⁢provide a harmonious‌ balance.‍ Additionally, ​the vibrant acidity ⁣of Malbec adds a refreshing touch, cleansing‌ the palate after each ⁣delicious bite.

  • Malbec is​ known ⁤for its velvety texture,⁤ providing a smooth and ⁤luxurious ⁤mouthfeel ⁤that enhances ​the ​pizza experience.
  • With its spicy‍ notes and hints of black pepper, Malbec pairs exceptionally well with ⁢pizzas that feature jalapenos, ​red ⁤pepper flakes, ⁤or ‌spicy⁢ chorizo.
  • The wine’s dark fruit ⁣flavors, such as ⁢blackberry and plum, complement ⁣the smoky​ and charred ​flavors that often come from ⁣wood-fired pizza ovens.

Experience the⁣ allure ⁣of​ Malbec ‍and its perfect ⁢harmony with meaty and​ spicy⁢ pizzas. ⁣Whether ⁤you’re enjoying‌ a classic pepperoni or exploring⁤ unique toppings, this‌ Argentine red wine is ⁣sure to elevate your pizza ⁣night to a whole new level of enjoyment.

7. Pinot Noir: A Delicate⁢ and Versatile‌ Wine for Lighter​ Pizza Varieties

7. Pinot Noir: A Delicate​ and Versatile Wine for Lighter ‍Pizza ⁢Varieties

Pinot⁢ Noir is undoubtedly a ​fantastic choice ​when it‍ comes to the ⁤perfect ​wine pairing for‍ lighter pizza ⁣varieties. Its delicate flavor​ profile​ and⁤ versatility ⁢make it⁢ an excellent‍ accompaniment ⁢to a⁤ wide⁤ variety of toppings and ​crusts. Whether you are​ indulging ‍in a classic Margherita pizza or exploring adventurous combinations like spinach ‍and ‍feta, Pinot Noir never ​fails ⁤to elevate the⁢ dining experience.

One of ⁤the key reasons ⁢why Pinot Noir⁣ pairs so well with lighter pizzas⁢ is its elegant and nuanced taste. With‌ notes of ⁣red fruits such as⁤ cherry ‌and raspberry, as well ​as hints ⁣of earthiness and spice, ⁢this‌ wine‍ strikes a harmonious‌ balance with​ the ‌flavors of the ‍pizza. Furthermore, Pinot ​Noir has‌ a light to medium body, allowing it⁣ to complement⁤ the delicate flavors of toppings like‌ fresh ​basil or ⁣mild cheeses without overpowering ⁢them. Its subtle acidity and‍ smooth‌ texture also help cleanse the palate ⁢between ⁣bites, enhancing the​ overall enjoyment⁣ of each mouthful.

When it comes to the versatility of Pinot‍ Noir with ⁢lighter‍ pizzas, the options are⁤ truly⁤ endless.​ Its ability to pair⁤ well ​with both traditional and unconventional toppings makes it a choice that caters ​to every pizza ⁤lover’s preferences. The fruity​ and vibrant characteristics of Pinot​ Noir create a delightful contrast with ingredients such ‍as prosciutto,‌ mushrooms, ‍or even artichokes. This wine’s flexibility also extends to crust varieties, whether⁣ you prefer thin and crispy ‌or a more substantial, doughy⁣ base.

In addition to its taste, Pinot Noir ‌also enjoys⁤ a ⁤reputation for being a wine ⁣that can ‍be enjoyed at different temperatures. If you fancy a cooler drink, place your​ bottle in⁣ the fridge for about 20 minutes before serving. Alternatively, if you prefer a slightly warmer ‍experience,‌ allow ​the wine to breathe at room temperature for a⁣ short while. The temperature ⁤at which you ⁢serve your Pinot‍ Noir can have a⁢ significant impact on the overall flavor‍ and aroma, enhancing its ability ‍to⁣ harmonize with⁢ the ⁣light ⁣and diverse flavors⁤ of your pizza.

8.⁢ Zinfandel: A Smooth ⁢and ​Zesty ​Wine Ideal for Pepperoni or ⁢Barbecue Pizzas

8. Zinfandel: A‍ Smooth ⁣and Zesty​ Wine Ideal for Pepperoni ⁢or‌ Barbecue ⁢Pizzas

Zinfandel is a ⁣versatile ⁤wine that pairs‌ perfectly⁣ with the‍ bold flavors of both ⁢pepperoni and barbecue pizzas. Its ⁣smooth and zesty‍ nature enhances the⁢ taste of these ⁢pizzas,⁤ making ‌it an ideal⁢ choice for pizza lovers. Whether‌ you prefer a ​classic pepperoni ‌or a⁤ barbecue twist, Zinfandel’s ⁤unique characteristics will elevate your pizza⁢ experience.

One of the key reasons ⁣why Zinfandel complements these⁣ types of pizzas so well is its medium to full-bodied structure. ⁢This allows⁣ it to stand up to the rich and‍ robust flavors of⁤ pepperoni or⁢ barbecue sauce without overpowering them. The wine’s‍ combination of ⁣ripe fruit flavors and spicy undertones‌ adds a delightful complexity‌ to each bite. Additionally, ⁣Zinfandel’s moderate tannins help cleanse‌ your⁤ palate, ensuring that ‍each slice of pizza ‍is as enjoyable as the ‌first.

  • Pepperoni Pizza: The bold ⁢and savory ⁤qualities of pepperoni are‍ perfectly ⁢balanced⁣ by the fruity notes ‍of Zinfandel. ​The⁢ wine’s ‌hints ​of blackberry,⁤ cherry, and⁣ plum‍ nicely complement the saltiness ⁢and spiciness of the pepperoni, creating a harmonious pairing that​ will‍ satisfy your taste buds.
  • Barbecue Pizza: The smoky ‌flavors​ of barbecue sauce⁣ find a‍ perfect match in Zinfandel’s earthy undertones.‌ The wine’s ‌hints⁣ of ‌black pepper and cinnamon⁤ elevate the tangy-sweet flavors of the barbecue⁣ sauce, making each ‍bite‍ a delightful sensory experience.

So the next time you ⁣order a pepperoni or barbecue ⁤pizza, ‌consider grabbing⁢ a bottle⁢ of Zinfandel‍ to enhance​ your meal. Its smoothness, fruitiness,⁤ and spice will undoubtedly elevate your ‌pizza game and leave ‍you craving for more.

9. Prosecco: Bubbly Italian Sparkling⁢ Wine to ‌Pair with​ Pizza for‍ Celebrations

9. Prosecco: Bubbly Italian ​Sparkling Wine ⁢to Pair with Pizza for Celebrations

Prosecco, the bubbly Italian sparkling wine, is ‍an excellent choice⁤ to ‍elevate your ⁢pizza celebrations. With its ​effervescent charm and versatile​ flavor profile, it perfectly‌ complements the rich and diverse flavors⁣ of pizzas.⁤ Whether ⁣you are⁣ hosting a casual‌ gathering with friends or commemorating a special occasion, Prosecco‌ adds⁣ a touch of elegance and festivity ⁤to any pizza party.

Known ⁣for⁣ its crisp and refreshing taste, Prosecco is made⁣ primarily from the ‌Glera grape variety in the Veneto region of Italy. Its fruity notes ‌of⁤ green apple, pear,⁤ and citrus create⁤ a delightful balance with the savory⁣ and tangy​ elements found‍ in pizza⁣ toppings. The light-bodied nature of⁢ Prosecco doesn’t overpower the ⁣flavors of the pizza, making ⁢it a harmonious pairing that ‌enhances every​ bite.

When ‍it⁢ comes to deciding ⁢which Prosecco⁤ to choose, consider the following options:
– **Extra ​Dry Prosecco**: With‌ a ⁤slight touch ‍of sweetness, ⁤this Prosecco⁣ intensifies⁣ the flavors of both ⁢classic ⁣and unconventional pizza toppings.
– ⁤**Brut‌ Prosecco**: If ‌you prefer⁣ a drier style, ⁢the ‌Brut ​Prosecco ​offers a clean and crisp taste‌ that⁢ complements pizzas with ⁣bold and robust flavors.
– **Prosecco Superiore**: For ⁣those seeking‍ a⁤ more refined experience, Prosecco Superiore represents the‌ highest ‍quality‍ category, denoting ‌wines produced in specific sub-regions. These wines usually ⁣exhibit greater⁢ complexity and depth, perfect for pairing ‌with artisanal or⁤ gourmet pizzas.

So,⁣ gather ⁤your friends,⁣ prepare your favorite pizzas, and pop open a bottle of Prosecco to create ​a truly memorable ⁣and ​celebratory experience. Cheers ‍to the perfect combination ​of bubbles ⁤and⁤ pizza!

10. Sauvignon Blanc: A Crisp ‌and Refreshing White Wine ‍for Vegetarian Pizzas

When it comes to pairing wine with vegetarian pizzas, Sauvignon Blanc effortlessly takes the spotlight ⁢as a perfect choice.⁢ This white ‌wine⁣ varietal is renowned for its‍ crisp and refreshing ⁢characteristics, which⁤ act​ as ‍an‌ ideal counterpoint to the ‍diverse⁣ flavors⁣ found ⁢in vegetarian‌ pizzas.⁤ With‍ its vibrant acidity ⁣and ​herbaceous notes, ⁢Sauvignon Blanc beautifully⁤ complements the lighter toppings and fresh​ vegetables ⁤commonly used on these pies, enhancing⁢ the overall ‍dining experience.
​ ⁣

⁤ ⁣Known for its‌ origins in the French regions of Loire Valley and ‍Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc has gained popularity⁣ worldwide due to its ‌distinct taste. Its signature⁢ flavors⁣ include‌ zesty citrus, tropical fruit,‍ and an often-present ⁣grassy undertone. These lively characteristics bring out the natural sweetness ⁣of⁢ ingredients like bell⁢ peppers,‍ mushrooms, ⁤tomatoes, and even⁤ pineapple, while the wine’s acidity helps cleanse ​the palate ​between ⁣bites. The effervescence ⁢of Sauvignon Blanc makes it‍ an enjoyable‌ wine that stimulates the taste⁣ buds, adding ‌an‌ extra layer of excitement to your vegetarian ⁤pizza feast. Pairing your favorite vegetarian‍ pizza with a ​glass‌ of this refreshing white ⁤wine will ‍undoubtedly elevate your dining⁤ experience and satisfy ‌your‌ taste ⁤buds.

11. Riesling: Off-Dry German Wine for Balancing Spicy or Sweet Pizzas

‍ When it comes to finding the perfect wine to complement your‌ pizza,⁤ look no further⁤ than⁤ the⁣ delightful Riesling.​ Hailing from Germany, ⁢this off-dry white wine offers a harmonious balance to both spicy and​ sweet pizzas, making it a versatile ‍choice for any pizza lover. Its incredible acidity combined with a touch of ‌residual sugar creates a delightful contrast‍ that ‌enhances the flavors⁤ in your pie. Trust us, you’ll be amazed ⁢at ‌how this ⁤wine elevates your pizza experience to ‌a whole new ​level.

Whether you’re indulging​ in a tangy, spicy‌ pepperoni pizza ⁢or exploring the unique combination ​of sweet and ​savory flavors with ​a Hawaiian-style pie, Riesling is the ​wine⁤ that can handle it all. Its bright⁢ and crisp profile provides a refreshing counterpoint to ⁣the richness of the cheese, while also harmonizing with the natural sweetness found ​in‌ certain ‌toppings. The hint⁤ of sweetness in Riesling complements⁤ the spiciness of peppers or chili⁣ flakes, ⁤creating a delightful ⁤dance of flavors​ on‍ your palate. ⁤Additionally, its aromatic qualities make it ‍a wonderful pair⁢ for⁢ pizzas ‌with fruity elements like pineapple or figs.

‌ So, why settle for‌ an⁣ average pizza and drink experience ⁣when you can​ take it up a notch ⁤with Riesling? Grab a bottle⁤ of this German gem, ​let ‌the flavors intermingle,⁣ and treat‌ yourself to ⁤an unforgettable culinary journey. With Riesling, every bite ⁢of ‍pizza​ becomes a‌ symphony of⁣ tastes that you ⁣won’t⁣ want⁢ to miss.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, these 10 wine recommendations are ⁢sure to elevate your pizza experience. Whether you prefer ‌red, white, or ⁣rosé, there’s a‌ perfect pairing ⁤out⁤ there for every slice. Cheers‍ and bon appétit!

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