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10 Best Wines for Coq au Vin: French Delights

Wine, like ⁢a harmonious ‌symphony, ‍has the remarkable ability to elevate a ‌meal⁤ from ordinary to extraordinary. And when ‍it⁢ comes to the classical French dish Coq au Vin, that statement couldn’t ring ⁣truer.‍ As the succulent chicken simmers in a ⁤rich red‌ wine sauce, it demands the perfect wine pairing to dance on‍ your palate. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur ⁣or ⁤just ​beginning to ‍explore the world of oenology, we​ have‌ carefully curated a⁤ list⁢ of the ⁢10 best wines‌ that will enchant your taste buds⁤ and elevate your Coq au Vin experience‌ to ​new⁣ heights.‌ So, sit back, ⁢uncork a‌ bottle,⁢ and embark ⁤on‌ a journey to discover⁢ the French‌ delights that await you in every sip.

1. Château ‍de Beaucastel‍ Châteauneuf-du-Pape:⁣ A ⁣Classic ​Pairing for Coq au⁢ Vin

⁢ When it comes to ⁢finding the perfect wine to‌ pair with your Coq au Vin, look no further than ⁤the‌ esteemed​ Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape. This classic wine from ⁣the‌ renowned ‍Châteauneuf-du-Pape‍ appellation​ in⁢ France offers a​ truly harmonious ‌match ⁤for this iconic ⁤French⁢ dish.

​ ​Known ‌for⁢ its rich history and‍ exceptional quality, Château⁣ de Beaucastel has been​ producing exquisite wines since​ 1549. The lush​ vineyards of⁢ this estate produce grapes‌ of the highest caliber, resulting in a wine ‌that beautifully complements the​ flavors of Coq ⁣au Vin.

⁢ The⁤ Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape showcases a deep ruby color with enticing aromas of red‌ fruits, herbs, ⁢and spices. Its complex flavor profile ‌boasts a⁣ perfect balance⁤ of​ fruitiness, earthiness, ​and hints ⁤of‍ savory notes‍ that pair wonderfully ⁣with the hearty, slow-cooked flavors of‌ Coq au Vin.

Here are some key reasons why Château de⁣ Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape is ⁣an impeccable​ choice for your ⁣Coq⁣ au ⁢Vin:

  • Structure: The ​wine’s firm tannins‌ provide structure to⁢ match ‌the ⁤robust⁣ flavors and ⁣tender texture of the chicken in Coq au Vin.
  • Aromatics: The wine’s aromatic‍ bouquet,⁢ featuring intricate scents of red fruits, herbs, ​and spices, elevates⁣ the overall sensory experience of​ the dish.
  • Acidity: The‌ wine’s ⁢vibrant acidity cuts through the richness of the ⁣dish, cleansing the palate ⁣between each ‍bite.
  • Ageability: ‌Château de Beaucastel ⁢wines‍ are‌ known for‌ their‌ ability to age ⁢gracefully, allowing⁣ for further complexity ⁢and ⁤integration with ⁤the flavors⁣ of‍ Coq au Vin.

​ It’s ‍essential to allow the wine and the dish to harmonize,​ so be sure to decant ⁣the Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape to fully appreciate its nuances. ⁣Savor each sip alongside the sumptuous Coq ​au Vin, and ⁣let​ this classic pairing⁣ transport‍ you to the picturesque vineyards of⁤ southern ‍France.

2. Domaine ‌de la ‍Romanée-Conti Romanée-Saint-Vivant Grand ‍Cru: ⁢The Quintessential Coq au ⁣Vin Wine

The ‌Domaine de‍ la Romanée-Conti ‍Romanée-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru is not just an⁤ ordinary wine; ⁢it⁣ is ​the epitome⁣ of luxury,⁤ elegance, and ⁢complexity. Crafted with ​the ‍utmost precision and passion, ⁤this wine is a testament to ​the‌ artistry⁤ of winemaking. With its origins dating back several centuries, it has become⁤ a⁣ symbol of ‍the Burgundy region ⁣and‌ is known for ⁢its‌ exceptional quality.

What sets ⁣this⁤ wine⁢ apart from others is its impeccable balance of flavors.⁣ Its vibrant ⁣bouquet offers an enticing ⁢blend⁣ of red fruits, ⁢earthy notes,‍ and delicate spices. ⁤On the palate, it presents a harmonious⁤ fusion of⁣ silky tannins ⁣and bright acidity, resulting in a⁣ wine ​that is rich,⁢ velvety, and exquisitely refined.

When paired​ with the classic⁣ French dish coq au‌ vin, the‌ Domaine de la‌ Romanée-Conti Romanée-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru⁤ truly shines.‍ The robust⁣ flavors of the wine complement⁣ the ‍rich, ⁢tender ‍chicken, ⁢creating an extraordinary culinary⁤ experience. The velvety texture⁢ and complex layers perfectly enhance the dish’s depth, ⁢making every⁣ bite a celebration of taste and sophistication.

Whether ‍you are ‍a seasoned⁢ wine‍ connoisseur ⁢or a curious enthusiast,‌ indulging in⁢ a ‍bottle of Domaine ⁤de ⁢la‌ Romanée-Conti Romanée-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru is‍ an experience like ‌no other. Savored slowly, ​it reveals its intricate nuances ⁤and charms, leaving a lasting impression⁣ that will⁢ linger on the palate and in the memory ​for years to come.

3. Château Margaux Premier Grand ⁤Cru Classé: Unsurpassed⁢ Elegance with Coq au Vin

3. ⁤Château ​Margaux Premier Grand Cru ⁢Classé: Unsurpassed‌ Elegance with Coq au Vin

Château‍ Margaux Premier Grand ⁤Cru Classé is not just ‌a ‌prestigious ⁢wine; it ‌embodies ⁣the pinnacle⁢ of elegance and ⁢sophistication. With its rich history dating back to⁤ the 17th century, this renowned Bordeaux estate⁣ has continually‍ defined excellence in ​winemaking.‍ A⁤ sip ‌of‌ Château⁢ Margaux transports you​ to a world of refinement, where every nuance ​of flavor is ⁣carefully crafted to⁣ perfection.

Coq ​au Vin,⁣ a classic French‍ dish, serves as the‍ perfect companion to‍ the unparalleled elegance of Château Margaux. This ‌rustic⁤ yet luxurious dish showcases⁣ the artistry of⁢ French cuisine,⁣ combining tender chicken and earthy mushrooms in a velvety ⁤red wine sauce. ⁣The⁢ marriage ⁣of⁣ flavors between this timeless⁤ delicacy and the Premier ⁣Grand Cru ⁢Classé is an experience that indulges both the palate and the senses.

  • Château ⁣Margaux Premier Grand ​Cru ​Classé​ represents the epitome of Bordeaux winemaking,​ setting the standard for quality ‍and refinement.
  • The intricate flavor profile of Château Margaux reveals ‌notes ‍of ripe⁤ dark fruits, ⁤delicate florals, and⁤ hints of spice, all harmoniously‍ balanced.
  • Coq au Vin, traditionally made with⁤ a red Burgundy⁢ wine, ⁢finds its perfect match in ⁤the vibrant and velvety ⁤texture of ⁤Château ​Margaux.

Experience ​the‌ undeniable allure of‍ Château Margaux Premier Grand⁢ Cru ‍Classé, where every‌ sip⁤ is⁤ a ‍journey into elegance, and every⁣ bite‌ of Coq au⁤ Vin is an expression of ⁤French culinary ​mastery.

4.​ Domaine Dujac ⁢Clos de la Roche Grand Cru:⁣ A Burgundian Gem​ for Coq au Vin

When it comes⁣ to finding the perfect wine to accompany ⁢a classic‌ coq au‍ vin dish, look no further than the Domaine Dujac Clos de la⁤ Roche ⁣Grand Cru. This exceptional Burgundian gem is ​truly ‌a match made⁢ in heaven for this‌ traditional ‌French delicacy.

With its⁤ origins ​in the Côte de Nuits region of Burgundy, Domaine ⁤Dujac⁣ is renowned ⁤for producing exceptional wines that showcase the ‍very best of ‍the terroir. The Clos⁤ de la​ Roche Grand⁢ Cru is no exception, offering⁤ a ⁢complex and elegant flavor profile that beautifully complements​ the ‌rich and‌ hearty flavors of ​coq au⁣ vin.

Here​ are ⁢a few ⁢reasons why the Domaine Dujac Clos de la ​Roche⁤ Grand‌ Cru is the​ perfect choice for⁤ your next coq au ‌vin feast:

  • Intense and expressive: This Grand Cru wine is known ​for its intense aromas and ⁤expressive character. With notes of dark berries,​ earthy undertones, and‍ hints⁢ of⁣ spice, it adds depth and ​complexity⁢ to every⁣ sip, enhancing ​the overall dining experience.
  • Smooth and well-structured: The Clos ​de ‌la⁣ Roche ‌Grand Cru is‌ crafted with precision and care, ⁢resulting in a wine that ‍boasts a velvety smooth texture and ​well-integrated​ tannins. ‌Its balanced structure provides a beautiful ⁤backbone⁣ to cut⁤ through⁤ the richness of the coq au vin.
  • Perfect harmony with poultry: As⁢ a Burgundy ⁢wine,‍ the Clos de la ‍Roche Grand Cru is​ an ideal ⁤companion⁤ for poultry dishes. Its ⁢elegant and nuanced ⁢flavors⁢ beautifully complement the tender chicken⁤ in coq au⁢ vin, creating ⁢a harmonious pairing⁢ that showcases the best of both worlds.

So, the ⁤next time you prepare a mouthwatering coq au vin,‌ elevate ⁣your dining⁣ experience with the Domaine Dujac Clos‌ de la Roche ⁤Grand‍ Cru. Its exceptional quality and Burgundian charm will make your meal an ‌unforgettable one.

5. Château Haut-Brion Premier ‍Grand Cru‌ Classé:‌ A Bordeaux Powerhouse for Coq au ⁤Vin

When it comes to ‌finding the perfect wine to‌ complement the rich flavors‌ of Coq au Vin, look no further than Château Haut-Brion Premier Grand ​Cru ​Classé.⁣ Hailing from ​the Bordeaux⁢ region, this exceptional red wine has earned its ⁣reputation as a powerhouse⁣ in the world of ​wine,​ making it⁢ an ideal‍ pairing ‌for​ this classic French dish.

Here are a few‌ reasons ⁤why Château ‌Haut-Brion stands out as ​a top‌ choice:

  • Timeless Tradition: With‌ a history dating back to 1525,‌ Château Haut-Brion is one of the‌ oldest ⁢wine estates in Bordeaux. Its ‌long-standing ​tradition of ‍excellence is‍ reflected in every ⁢bottle.
  • Premier Grand Cru Classé: ‍ As one ​of the ​few wines that ⁢received the ​prestigious ⁣Premier Grand⁣ Cru Classé⁣ classification in the Bordeaux Wine ​Official Classification of ⁤1855, Château ⁣Haut-Brion⁤ has consistently proven its outstanding ⁤quality and⁢ status.
  • Unparalleled Terroir: ​ The vineyards ⁣of Château Haut-Brion benefit ⁣from a⁣ unique terroir, combining gravelly soils‍ with clay ​and limestone. This exceptional combination imparts distinctive characteristics​ to‌ the grapes, resulting in‌ a wine ‌with remarkable complexity and ​depth ‍of ​flavor.

When paired with Coq au ⁣Vin, Château Haut-Brion’s ⁤rich ⁣red ​fruit aromas and‌ notes of tobacco and cedar beautifully⁣ enhance the dish. The⁢ wine’s elegant tannins⁤ and well-balanced acidity provide⁤ a harmonious ⁣counterpoint‌ to the savory flavors of⁤ the⁣ chicken and the earthy undertones of ​mushrooms and ⁢bacon. The result ⁣is a ⁣culinary‍ experience that delights the palate ​and leaves a lasting impression.

6. Domaine Armand⁣ Rousseau​ Chambertin ⁤Grand Cru:⁣ A Legendary Match for⁤ Coq ⁣au ‍Vin

When it‍ comes‌ to⁢ finding the perfect wine⁢ pairing for coq au ‌vin, look‍ no further than the Domaine Armand Rousseau⁣ Chambertin Grand Cru. ⁢Renowned for its exceptional quality, this legendary⁢ wine⁤ harmonizes flawlessly with the rich ​flavors of⁣ this ⁤classic​ French ⁣dish. ‍The ⁣Chambertin Grand Cru is produced in ⁤the⁣ Burgundy region ⁣of France and ⁣is considered one of the ⁢finest and most ​sought-after wines in the⁤ world.

What sets the Domaine Armand Rousseau Chambertin Grand Cru ‌apart is‍ its exquisite balance ⁤of elegance and power. Its intense aromas of black cherries, ⁤blackberries,‌ and hints​ of‌ earthiness are an exquisite‍ match for the tender braised chicken in coq au ⁢vin. The fine tannins and vibrant acidity of this wine create a⁤ beautiful contrast with the ⁢sauce, elevating the⁣ flavors to new​ heights.

  • With its long and complex finish, the Chambertin Grand Cru lingers on ​the palate, enhancing​ the ⁢enjoyment of each bite of coq​ au vin.
  • The⁣ wine’s velvety texture and refined⁢ structure​ provide a luxurious⁣ mouthfeel that complements the dish’s richness.
  • Its‌ aging ⁢potential ensures that ⁣this wine will continue ⁢to⁣ develop‌ and⁣ evolve, allowing for an ​exceptional ⁢dining experience now or ​in the future.

Whether you’re celebrating⁢ a ⁢special occasion​ or simply indulging‍ in a gourmet ⁢meal, the ‍Domaine Armand ‌Rousseau Chambertin Grand Cru is an extraordinary choice ⁣to accompany your‌ coq au vin. Prepare to be amazed by the‍ symbiotic relationship‌ between this⁢ legendary wine⁤ and ⁣one ‍of France’s most iconic dishes.

7. Château Rayas‌ Châteauneuf-du-Pape: A Unique ‍Expression to ⁣Enhance‌ Coq au ​Vin

When⁤ it comes ⁣to enhancing the flavors of Coq au ⁣Vin, Château Rayas Châteauneuf-du-Pape ⁣is ​a‍ truly unique ‌expression that ​deserves your attention. This renowned wine from ‌the ‌hallowed​ vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape ‌in the Southern Rhône Valley of ⁢France is⁤ a⁢ testament to the artistry and tradition of winemaking.

What sets⁢ Château Rayas apart is its meticulous winemaking process ‍and exceptional terroir. The estate​ produces small quantities of wine,‍ making each‍ bottle a highly sought-after gem.​ For more than a century,‍ the Brunel ‍family has carefully crafted ⁢this exquisite​ wine, sticking to traditional winemaking practices‍ that have been passed down ⁢through generations.

  • Bold aromatics:⁤ Château Rayas Châteauneuf-du-Pape exudes a ​mesmerizing⁤ bouquet of ripe red fruits, including​ cherries⁤ and raspberries, combined with delicate hints of floral and herbal notes.
  • Layered ⁢flavor profile: This wine ‌showcases an⁤ elegant combination of fruit, earth, ‌and spice on the palate. Its ⁤silky ⁣smooth texture intertwines harmoniously with ​flavors of blackberries, figs, licorice, and a touch ⁣of pepper.
  • Beautiful​ aging potential: Château Rayas‌ wines are known‍ for⁤ their incredible ability to⁣ age gracefully.‍ With proper ‍storage, these ⁣bottles can ⁤evolve and develop even ⁢more complexity‍ over time, rewarding⁢ the patient wine enthusiast.

Coq au Vin, ⁤a ⁤classic French⁢ dish of chicken‌ braised in ‍red wine,‌ is the perfect match for Château Rayas Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The wine’s rich and ⁤nuanced flavors perfectly complement‍ the hearty, tender chicken,⁢ accentuating the​ dish’s earthy‌ and rustic‍ qualities. Pour a glass alongside your ‌Coq au Vin, ⁤and‍ let the wine’s depth and character elevate ​this traditional culinary‍ masterpiece ‌to new ⁣heights.

8.⁢ Domaine Leflaive ‍Montrachet Grand Cru: An⁢ Unexpected ‌White Wine Pairing for Coq⁤ au Vin

Domaine Leflaive ​Montrachet ⁢Grand Cru is renowned⁣ for its ⁤exceptional white wines, but‍ have⁣ you ‌ever considered pairing it with the ‍classic French dish, Coq au ​Vin? ‍While ⁤traditionally,‍ Coq au Vin is paired with​ a⁢ red wine, this unexpected white ⁣wine ⁢pairing can truly elevate your dining ⁢experience. The Montrachet Grand Cru’s unique‌ characteristics ‍complement the rich flavors ⁣of the⁤ dish, creating ​a‌ harmonious balance on ‌the‌ palate.

One ⁢of the ​reasons why ⁣this ⁢white wine works ‍so ‍well with Coq au Vin​ is its bold and⁢ complex nature. The Montrachet ‌Grand Cru boasts a​ brilliant golden⁤ color with⁣ aromas of ripe fruits,​ toasted hazelnuts, and‍ a floral essence. Its full-bodied texture and ⁢layers of⁢ flavors, including citrus, apple, and​ vanilla, provide a perfect ⁢counterpoint to the intense flavors of Coq ​au Vin.‍ The wine’s acidity also helps cut through the dish’s ⁢richness, enhancing the overall taste experience.

When enjoying this pairing, it’s key ⁣to take note‍ of the wine’s temperature. Serving​ the‍ Montrachet ⁣Grand Cru slightly​ chilled, around 50-55°F, allows its‌ flavors to shine and⁤ harmonize beautifully ⁢with the tender, braised chicken and robust red wine sauce.⁢ This unexpected white wine‌ pairing ⁢is a delightful surprise for wine ​enthusiasts and food lovers alike, ​igniting a unique‍ sensory⁤ exploration​ that​ will leave a lasting ‌impression. So, next time you’re preparing Coq ⁤au Vin, step outside the box and ​indulge in ⁤the unexpected brilliance of Domaine Leflaive Montrachet Grand Cru.

9. Domaine‌ Leroy Richebourg ‌Grand ‍Cru: Graceful Complexity for Coq au Vin

‌A ⁢truly ⁤exceptional wine that exemplifies the ⁣epitome of grace, ​Domaine⁢ Leroy Richebourg⁢ Grand Cru is‌ a ​delight⁣ for the senses. ​With its impeccable complexity ‍and ⁤depth, this highly‍ regarded Grand Cru ​showcases⁤ the finesse and elegance that only Leroy can capture. Crafted​ from ‍hand-picked Pinot Noir grapes sourced from the prestigious Richebourg vineyard ⁢in ⁢Burgundy, this wine oozes sophistication and ‌distinction.

​⁣ ⁤ As⁤ you indulge⁤ in a bottle ⁣of Domaine Leroy⁢ Richebourg ⁤Grand ⁢Cru, prepare ⁢for an⁣ extraordinary experience. ⁤The ⁢wine greets your⁣ palate ⁢with a symphony of ⁤flavors, ranging from ripe red fruits and black⁣ cherries ⁤to subtle⁣ hints of earthy spices. Its ⁤ velvety‍ texture glides effortlessly across your tongue, leaving a lingering and enchanting finish. The harmonious balance between acidity and tannins adds depth and ​complexity, ‌creating a wine that ​effortlessly complements ⁢a wide array​ of dishes.
​ ⁣

Pairing brilliantly ⁣with Coq au Vin, a classic⁣ French dish, the Domaine⁤ Leroy Richebourg Grand Cru brings⁢ out the best in both‌ the ‍food and the wine. The‌ rich and full-bodied nature⁣ of​ this⁢ Pinot ​Noir harmonizes perfectly with the ‍tender chicken cooked in⁢ a​ rich,⁣ flavorful sauce.‍ The layers⁤ of flavors in‌ this wine enhance the complexity⁤ of ⁤the ‍dish, accentuating‍ the herbal undertones and melding beautifully with the succulent meat. Bold, well-structured, and yet undeniably ⁢graceful, the‍ Domaine Leroy Richebourg ​Grand‍ Cru ⁣elevates the dining experience to new⁣ heights of pleasure.

10. Clos⁢ des Lambrays Grand ⁢Cru:⁣ Pinot Noir Excellence with Coq au Vin

‍ Indulge in the epitome of Pinot Noir elegance with the renowned Clos des Lambrays Grand Cru. This exceptional wine⁤ originates from the⁢ prestigious ⁢Clos des ⁣Lambrays ‍vineyard in Burgundy, ‍France. ‍A true ‍reflection of terroir, it captivates ‍enthusiasts with its ‍delicate aromas, silky texture, and⁣ unparalleled complexity.

⁣ The‍ Clos ⁤des Lambrays Grand Cru enthralls the senses with ⁤its⁢ bouquet of luscious⁣ red fruits, such as cherries⁢ and‍ raspberries, embraced ​by subtle‍ undertones of earthiness and spices. Each⁤ sip ​reveals a symphony of flavors, ranging ‍from blackcurrant and plum ​to delicate hints of vanilla and⁣ leather. Its velvety tannins ​and vibrant​ acidity ‍result in a ⁢harmonious ⁤balance, making​ it ⁤a ⁢perfect companion for a classic French⁤ dish like​ Coq au Vin.

⁢ ‌ Pairing this impeccable Pinot Noir with‍ Coq au Vin⁢ enhances the overall dining​ experience, creating ‌a⁣ culinary masterpiece. The ⁢tender chicken, ​slow-cooked‍ in a rich sauce infused with ⁢red wine,⁤ bacon, and aromatic herbs, ⁣forms ⁢an exquisite union of​ flavors⁣ with the Clos des‍ Lambrays Grand ‌Cru. The⁣ wine’s bright acidity cuts through the richness⁢ of⁢ the ‌dish while⁣ complementing⁤ the savory ‍bacon, ⁢and ⁢its fruity notes‍ enhance the succulence​ of the tender chicken. Embark ‌on a sensory journey, where the ⁢exquisite nuances of this extraordinary⁢ Pinot Noir harmonize ‌with the robust flavors of ⁣Coq au Vin.
​ ⁣

11. Domaine de ​la Romanée-Conti ‌La Tâche⁤ Grand⁢ Cru: An Exquisite‌ Coq au Vin ‌Companion

The ⁣Domaine de la Romanée-Conti⁣ La Tâche ⁢Grand Cru is a⁤ legendary wine that perfectly complements the complex flavors of a⁤ classic coq au vin. This exceptional Burgundy wine, produced​ from the La‌ Tâche vineyard in the Côte‍ de Nuits region⁢ of France, ‍is⁤ a true‍ gem ⁤for wine enthusiasts and gastronomes⁣ alike.

With its vibrant⁤ ruby color and delicate aromas of⁢ red ‌fruits, black truffle, and earthy​ undertones, the La ‌Tâche Grand Cru is a sensory ⁣delight. On‍ the palate, ‌it ⁢offers a⁢ harmonious balance of flavors, including rich cherry, subtle spices, and a velvety texture that ​lingers with each sip. When paired with ⁣a⁣ tender coq ‌au vin,‌ the wine’s ⁢elegance ⁣is ​further enhanced, ​elevating the culinary ‍experience to⁢ new heights.

  • Coq au vin is a traditional French dish that combines tender chicken, ⁣robust red wine, fragrant herbs, ⁣and savory vegetables.
  • The La Tâche ​Grand Cru’s exquisite structure and⁤ fine ⁤tannins ‍harmonize with ⁣the⁢ hearty flavors of​ the ⁢coq ‍au ​vin, ‍enhancing ‍the dish’s depth and‍ complexity.
  • The​ wine’s natural acidity cuts through the richness ‍of the dish, ‌creating​ a ‍perfect balance on the palate.

Indulging in a glass of⁤ this remarkable wine with a delectable coq ​au vin⁣ is an experience⁣ that will be cherished by food ‌and wine enthusiasts⁣ alike. The‌ deep flavors and luxurious textures⁣ of both the wine and the dish intertwine, creating a ​symphony of taste ‌that leaves‍ a⁣ lasting‌ impression. Whether enjoyed ‌at an intimate gathering or a special‌ occasion, the ⁢combination of Domaine⁤ de la Romanée-Conti La​ Tâche Grand Cru and coq au vin⁤ is a⁤ match⁤ made in culinary⁤ heaven.

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In conclusion, choosing‌ the‌ perfect wine for Coq ⁤au Vin is crucial in⁣ enhancing the flavors‌ of this classic French dish. These 10 wines offer the perfect ⁤balance to complement the rich‌ and ⁤savory flavors,⁤ ensuring a delightful dining experience.
10 Best Wines for Coq au Vin: French Delights

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